Promote Your Business

The Virden Community Chamber of Commerce strives to promote its local business community. A business list from the Town of Virden is received by us every year to ensure we notify any new business about the Chamber and its offerings. We focus on events and projects that will put Virden "on the map" and encourage outsiders to visit and tour our community. With the late "oil boom," many new businesses have appeared around town and we are starting to see the growth of our industrial park with new shops and businesses.

The Virden Community Chamber of Commerce has created a website that allows your business to be listed and promoted. Becoming a member entitles you to have your business name, contact information and even your business website linked to ours. This site will become our main focus of promotion for the Chamber, its events and the community. Our tourist information center, which is run by the Chamber, will host this site and allow newcomers, tourists and Virden residents to stop in and view the local offerings our community has.

The development of many events and projects through the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce focuses mainly on the business community. The Chamber hosts quarterly luncheons for all to attend which offers a place for business owners to gather and share ideas. This also allows us to receive feedback from these individuals in hopes to grow a stronger community. The annual Downtown Rodeo events are also put on by the Chamber. This is one of Virden's largest events and is well attended by people from all over. This is a chance for us to give back to our business community and bring shoppers right to their door-steps. Along with the Downtown Rodeo events, the Chamber also organizes many Christmas promotions that take place throughout the month of December. We offer our members a shopping promotion which we organize and they can offer their customers. This has shown very successful over the years and has received positive feedback.

Those are only a few events and projects the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce offers its members. We have been working very hard at increasing the communication line between the Chamber, the business owner and the Town Council. Setting up quarterly meetings with the Town Council will allow us to discuss any issues that have come up from local business owners and allow us to work closely with the Town of Virden promoting and pursuing any future projects.

The Virden Community Chamber of Commerce is asking for your support as a local business to help us do the best job we can in making Virden a successful and prosperous community!!!