Community Overview

The Town of Virden as of 2012 has a population of approximately 3400 people but has 12,000 people within a 30 mile radius.

In 1872 the Canadian Pacific Railway reached Virden and a town was formed shortly after. Oil exploration started in the region in 1948 with the first successful well being drilled in January of 1951. Since this time Virden has been known as "The Oil Capital of Manitoba."Our beautiful south-western Manitoba town is located just off the Transcanada Highway.

If sight seeing historical buildings interest you we have our Fieldstone St. Mary`s Anglican Church, 100 year old AUD Theater, Heritage CP Station or perhaps our Pioneer Home Museum. If Parks and beautiful yards are what you enjoy, we have yard tours, Victoria Park, campgrounds and different lakes surrounding us. Perhaps Recreational activities are up your alley. Our new 1200 seat Recreation Facility boasts a Junior A hockey team, MRCA Virden Indoor Rodeo and professional skaters. Virden has dance groups, live plays, outdoor pool, golf course, curling club, Tennis Courts, snowmobile trails, Prairie West Recreation program and almost every sport a town can offer.

Whether you are looking for a vacation, a town to raise a family in or a beautiful retirement community then checking out Virden is a MUST!