Virden & Area Attractions

Victoria Park
Victoria ParkVictoria Park is located on 7th Avenue South in Virden. This park that consists of a town block consists of many trees and large grassed areas to play frisbee or throw around a football. It includes a large War Memorial, picnic areas and a paved walking path that passes straight across it. The public tennis courts are also located within this park along with a large outdoor stage where entertainment occurs during the summer months. This is a beautiful, natural site within Virden that is open all year round.


Centennial Park
Centennial Park is also located within Virden and is located on Nelson Street. This park runs along side a small creek that passes through this town know as, Scallion Creek. This area is known for its beautiful scenery and its walking trail. Few trees are located on this lot, allowing areas for picnics and outdoor activities. Be sure to visit Centennial Park when you are in Virden and take in the picturesque creek side scenery.


Eternal Springs
Eternal Springs is located approximately 8 miles east of Virden and is maintained by local volunteers. This unique attraction contains 2 small stocked trout ponds, hiking trails, BBQ pits, picnic areas, a 66ft swinging bridge and of course, beautifully clear drinking water. This is a wonderful place to go for a nice walk and have a picnic on a hot summer day with the option to cool off.


Canadian Pacific Railway Station
Canadian Pacific Railway StationThe Canadian Pacific Railway Station was built in 1900 at 425 6th Avenue South in Virden. In 1994 this building was restored and labelled as one of Virden's many heritage buildings. This beautiful field stone building also displays a well maintained garden with rocks and water features. It has become a very common location for many photography sessions and now hosts many community organizations offices and a boardroom. An art gallery, displaying many local artists, is also located within this building. The Canadian Pacific Railway Station maintains much of Virden's history and is a unique site for all to see.


The Aud Theatre
The Aud TheatreThe Aud Theatre was built in 1911 and is located on 228 Wellington Street. This building is a part of the municipal building and over the years has been modified to suit the community. Starting as a telephone exchange room, court room, office space and an opera house, it was later transformed into a movie theatre in the late 30's. Around 1980 the theatre was closed down and was on the road to destruction. With support from a local committee formulated to save the Aud Theatre, repairs were done and it was re-opened again in 1983. This building is once again used for entertainment and consists of roughly 250 seats in the lower level and 210 in the upper level. It has a beautifully curved balcony and two boxes located on the sides to allow for an incredible view of the stage. A local acting group perform plays within this building along with musically concerts, festivals and now the addition of hosting weddings. Also located within this building is a large boardroom and public washrooms. This is an amazing building which the Town of Virden is very pleased to have and show-off to any visitors to our community.


St Mary's Anglican Church
St Mary's Anglican ChurchThis beautiful fieldstone building was built roughly in 1885 and is located at 633 9th Street within Virden. Many of the stones used to make up this building came from the Assiniboine River Valley located only a few miles north of Virden. The addition of the stone fence was done a few years after the building construction and in the mid-2000's this brick building located to the east of this building was remodelled offering office space and a large Sunday School area. This building is properly maintained over the years and also features many large beautiful stain glass windows that were designed and build by famous artists in the late 1800's. Cedar shingles also add a unique value to this amazing building and helps to maintain its history and heritage.


Goulding House
Goulding House Located within Virden are many old historical houses. The Goulding House, at 677 9th Avenue South, was built in 1893. This house was designed with bi-level veranda's and contains a small room that stands higher than the roof as a look out. This fieldstone home is now a private residence and has been maintained and improved over the years.


Virden Pioneer Home Museum
Virden Pioneer Home MuseumThis museum was established in 1970 and can be found at 390 King Street. It contains over 6000 items that relate to Virden's Victorian era history. The Pioneer Home Museum is open daily from June 1st to August 31st. Tours are arranged by youth that are fitted in attire from this era and are also offered daily during this time period. Stop by this beautiful home and learn about Virden's formation and history.


Costume Closet
The Costume Closet is located at 484 6th Avenue South and contains a unique collection of over 15000 costumes. It has received donated materials from all over Canada and the United States to help establish this fascinating collection. Many of these costumes have been used in local theatre productions and school performances or simple for personal use. They vary from early era evening gowns, to military uniforms, to your elaborate Halloween costumes. Take time to stop by this unique shop and see what it has in store.


Fort Montagne a la Bosse
The site of Fort Montagne a la Bosse is one of the most significant historical sites in western Manitoba. This site is marked with a cairn and can be located directly east of Virden approximately 2.5 miles along the original #1 highway. This fort played a large role in the expansion of the fur trade to the northwest. It was established in 1790 by the Northwest Company and was one of their many supply forts. Continuing research has been done in the area to help define this fort as one of the earliest in the area.


Community Tours
The Town of Virden offer a variety of different tours within its community. For more information on these contact the Town of Virden at 748-2440. Privately operated heritage walking tours are also offered by contacting Kel Smith at 204-748-3321. These can be also be taken by limo by contacting Virden Taxi at 204-748-2920. Large group tours and business tours can be arranged by contacting the Economic Advisor in Virden at 204-748-2440. 


Virden Indoor Rodeo
Virden Indoor RodeoVirden Indoor Rodeo and Wild West Daze is an annual event that takes place the 3rd weekend in August. This event takes place from Thursday night to Sunday and attracts cowboys and visitors from all over. Downtown promotional events take place on Thursday inviting the whole community to take part and continues on throughout the weekend with a demolition derby, a parade, a rodeo dance and of course 3 rodeo performances. The whole town of Virden takes time to prepare for this event and makes it enjoyable for all to partake in some aspect of the weekend. For more information on this annual event visit