Chamber Overview

The Chamber in the Town of Virden was incorporated in September 1889 under the name of "Virden Board of Trade". Virden Community Chamber of Commerce has been an organization of business, professional and other people who share their viewpoint of promoting good government at all levels, as well as promoting the commercial, industrial, and social interests of the community since that date. The Virden & District Chamber of Commerce, as it was formally known, revised the By-Laws and Constitution last in March of 1997. The present committee is in the process of once again revising the Constitution.

Over the period from 1970 to present the Chamber was the body responsible for the Manitoba Youth Job Centre and Odd Job Squad. The Tourist Information Center, originally located on #1 Highway and moved downtown on King Street in 1999, has been operated by the Chamber of Commerce, creating employment for youth in the summer seasons. This center has once again relocated to its present location at 425 6th Avenue in the historic CP Station. In past years the Chamber has sponsored such special events as the Snowbirds' Air Show, a Circus, and a Harvest Dinner and Dance.

The Chamber has developed programs to promote specific needs but also operated on the general lines to produce well-rounded community development. Over the years the talents and energies of the members have initiated Spring Promotions and Christmas Promotions with the Christmas Tree Light-up and an Annual Santa Parade, Human Chuck Wagon Races and an ever popular Down Town Rodeo Event that goes hand and hand with the Annual Indoor Rodeo. The Chamber has provided community improvement, promoted tourist trade and educational business information. These are only a few of the promotions initiated by the Chamber of Commerce to provide reliable and innovative support to the commercial businesses. The Chamber has been a means through which all businesses and industries in the area worked together to achieve success.

Many Officers and Directors have filled the chairs of this organization and coordinated activities of the various committees over the years. With the continued support of the businesses in Virden to day we can be sure the Chamber will continue to serve our business community of Virden for many more years.