Virden Biz

Virden BIZ (Business Improvement Zone), a committee made up of business owners, Virden Chamber directors and Town of Virden representatives, focuses on improvements to our community. Ed Brethour, Tony Schneider, Felicity Scott. Travis Rintoul, Tina Williams, Merv Jebb and Lance McLean are the individuals that sit on this board and are working together to present this project to Virden.

This committee was started in October, 2012 by the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Virden Economic Advisor. With the continuing growth occurring in Virden's area, these two entities noticed the importance of keeping Virden's "downtown core" appealing, busy and visible. We have a rich and vibrant history in downtown Virden, and through this committee we plan to ensure that Virden continues to see business and community investments into this historic site.

Although the Downtown District will be the primary focus of this committee, the committee will also look at the broader Virden area for improvement opportunities as well. A project plan is in the developing stages and this group hopes to present it to business owners and the Town of Virden by mid January. Areas that will be touched on are lamp posts, signage, greenery and suite development. A package for the Downtown businesses will also be presented, including incentives and information concerning their buildings and their roles in this project.

Virden BIZ looks for your support as a community member. With the ever-growing industries surrounding our community, as a group we need to ensure we are offering all we can to our visitors and residents. This committee is very excited for the future and looks forward to receiving feedback and ideas from all.