As a member of the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce, you will be entitled to many promotional discounts and the chance to participate in any Chamber event that takes place within Virden. We also send out monthly newsletters and director meeting minutes to all participating businesses that will inform you of community events and any information we have received that may be a concern to you and your business.

The Virden Chamber would also like to invite you to be "Part of the Voice of Business." We will act on behalf of the businesses in Virden to obtain information or attend meetings to help with any inquiries or concerns you may have involving your business and others.

To become a part of the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce all you have to do is complete the membership application form and send in the required dues that apply to your business. All businesses and organizations are welcome to become a part of this great organization. You will be required to annualyl pay your dues and send us contact information – this will be reminded by a package that will be handed out in December and January of every year.

Many benefits come with becoming a member of the Virden Community Chamber of Commerce. Please see the benefits and incentive programs we, along with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, have to offer.

Not for Profit $80.00
Self-Employed $90.00
1-3 Employees $130.00
4-6 Employees $145.00
7-15 Employees $160.00
16-25 Employees $200.00
26-50 Employees $260.00
51 and Over Employees $345.00