Virden Community Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits

The Virden Community Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with some businesses to offer you as a valid member certain benefits. We continue to leave the doors open for all businesses to become a part of our initiative program by offering discounts and incentives to our members. For more information on this please contact our Chamber Manager.

  • We will work on behalf of you and your business to improve our community and ensure you to have a "voice"
  • Your membership allows us to operate our community tourist booth and create more traffic for our local businesses
  • Your membership allows us to operate the Settlement Services Program, which assists newcomers in the area to settle here in Virden and make it there home
  • Chamber members will also receive discounts to select events hosted by the Virden Chamber
  • With you r membership you are entitled to discounts and a chance to participate in Chamber events
  • Your membership allows us to host events within our community, offering information, meet new people and exposure for business
  • Your membership allows us to operate the Youth Job Center here in Virden, a center which offers youth employment
  • You will receive monthly newsletters discussing upcoming events and interesting topics
  • You will be listed in our local Chamber directory, the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Member Referral Program and on the Virden Chamber Website
  • You will also be listed as a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce
  • We will support you with any information needed concerning the businesses within Virden and its surrounding area
  • Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Affinity Program will also be available to you For more information on any of these products please go to the websites listed or contact Rey Robles at or 204-948-0108.
  • Westman Communication offers a business rebate program for internet and phone. For more information contact Laura Sime at or 204-717-2833
  • Sunlife Benefit Program Insurance for you, your spouse and all your employees ( )